photo_2017-05-08_16-00-04The hand behind The Serpent’s Quill is Alek Liviu Cristea, a full-time carer for his chronically-ill parabatai, a counsellor accredited by the FETC (Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counseling), and a goth with a side of geekiness. He games, he reads, he wishes he could draw (he’s trying to learn but it’s hard!). Raised on a steady diet of anime, japanese video games, and adventure fantasy books, he spends most of his time lost in the worlds he writes about with all his characters for company. He writes everything from SF to epic fantasy, and YA SFF to urban fantasy and has got his first book out for submission at the moment, which is a cross of X-Men and Push with a whole lot of queerness. Alek dabbles, crosses and explores genres, with the hope of bringing rich and diverse worlds to life. He’s gay and proud, and also bipolar, and his mini cat army (five strong, and no, he’s not getting another one) is totally cool with that. He’s now merged his psychology blog (previously called The Psych Engine) with this one because maintaining two blogs was just too much and he didn’t see the point in keeping them separate!


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