FFXIV: So you took a jump potion, now what? (Part 2)

FFXIV_AFLast time we had a quick look at the menus and how to not get overwhelmed by all the buttons on the most important screen, your character screen. Now we’re going to dive a little further into what other things you need to do before you throw yourself enthusiastically into the game.

So we talked about glamours, but depending how far you didn’t get before taking your picking-a-racepotion, you might not have anything of note save your race gear to glamour on. And, depending on whether you have used a fantasia potion (to change your appearance), you might not even have that! So, you started as one race but are now another? Well that’s great, but the gear you started in is no longer going to be equipable as only the underwear items are shared in between races (although they do look different for each and some are far more useful for glamours than others *glares at the male Elezen underwear top especially*). But I can hear you asking: Where do I get that?

FFXIV_Au_Ra.pngMy friends, you can get those from vendors, for next to no gil, in the following locations:

  • In Limsa Lominsa, Lower Decks, from an NPC called Bango Zango (x9.9,y11.4)
  • In Ul’dah, Steps of Nald, from Roarich (x10,y9)
  • In New Gridania, from Maisenta (x11,y11)

But whilst you’re in town acquiring your race gear if needed, you might want to look up another NPC: the Calamity Salvager. This guy holds onto gear that you should have had but for some reason don’t anymore: that can be gear from events you took part in or other things like that and includes your level 50 class gear, the one you might never have gotten because you shot straight to 60. Calamity Salvagers can be found at the following locations:

  • Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y14)78a5f238ce438a7fbaabe93b39006ec7
  • Old Gridania (x10,y8)
  • Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (x12,y13)

That gear will cost you anywhere in between 15k to 27k gil to repurchase depending on what piece you want but some are well worth owning. Especially given my next point.

You can make them dyable.

Yes, you heard that right Monk player who likes the cut of level 50 top but doesn’t want to be decked out in yellow. Now this process is faffy and I’m praying we don’t have to jump through the same damned hoops for our level 70 gear, but only time will tell. So how do you do it? Well you need items. Items that only crafters can make. Which means you have two choices: either you have crafter friends and you ask them nicely, or you fork out for whatever prices are on the marketboard. The number of them on the marketboard can also be a bit hit and miss but if you are truly desperate and/or impatient you can always try doing a shout in one of the major cities, especially during the weekend and you might be lucky to find someone willing to make it for you.

These items are:

  • Evoker’s Attire Augmentation (Summoners)
  • Choral Attire Augmentation (Bard)
  • Drachen Armor Augmentation (Dragoon)
  • Fighter’s Armor Augmentation (Warrior)
  • Gallant Armor Augmentation (Paladin)
  • Healer’s Attire Augmentation (White Mage)
  • Ninja Garb Augmentation (Ninja)
  • Scholar’s Attire Augmentation (Scholar)
  • Temple Attire Augmentation (Monk)
  • Wizard’s Attire Augmentation (Black Mage)

Those are the only classes that have lvl50 gear as any class that came in with Heavensward didn’t have a lvl50 gear (this lead to much raging at the time, I’ll be honest) and both of Stormblood’s new jobs start at lvl50 (and give you some gear to see started).

Avenaux Dzemael 01/12/2017 08:38:14Now you need 1 Augmentation bit for Head, Wrist, and Boots, and 2 Augmentation bits for Body and Legs. Also, once you have unlocked the person to exchange these to, you can head there and Try On the gear to see how it dyes before you commit to purchasing the bits from the Marketboard. Trust me, some pieces of gear dye considerably better than others.

Avenaux Dzemael 01/12/2017 08:39:17

Alys has a quick job for the Warrior of Light

Now  like I said, you need to ‘unlock’ the person to talk to, for which you need to pick up a quest called Simply to Dye For in Mor Dhona from Alys (x21-y8). The quest is really straightforward and takes you straight to the NPC (Eginolf) you need to talk to to finish the quest. After that you can talk to Kakalan (the Lalafel standing next to him) to trade in your gear.


Avenaux Dzemael 01/12/2017 08:34:40

Kakalan and friends

Kakalan also holds the ilvl90 class gear which is an entirely non-dyeable but slightly more detailed upgrade from the lvl50 gear. If the colour is fine by you, these pieces are sometimes quite a lot nicer than the lvl50 ones. To obtain them you need the following items (you can trade any of the antique items for any class gear):

  • Antique Helm (headgear)
  • Antique Mail (body)
  • Antique Gauntlets (hands)
  • Antique Tassets (belt, which has no aesthetic virtue unfortunately)
  • Antique Breeches (legs)
  • Antique Sollerets (feet)

Now these items are potential loot drops from 3 (yes, only 3) lvl50 dungeons so if you’re really wanting a particular piece, it might take some work (and you might consider asking if the other members of the party are cool ‘passing’ on the particular piece you’re after, if you can do that). The 3 dungeons in questions are (they will all have been automatically unlocked when you used the jump potion, so you don’t need to jump through hoops to be able to do them!):

  • Sastasha (Hard)
  • Snowclowk
  • The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)


Aaaand that’s it for today. There’s obviously a lot more to cover but let’s not overwhelm anyone (yet!). Come back next time for a breakdown of Chocobo companion, Grand Company progression, Hunts, and Allied and Centurio seals o/


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