FFXIV: So you took a jump potion, now what? (part 1

stormblood-logo-fullFinal Fantasy XIV has a lot of content to offer these days. A Realm Reborn came out in 2013 and since then we have had two substantial expansions (Heavensward in 2015 and Stormblood in 2017) with a large number of patches in between. Which means that if you’re joining the game now or you’re just returning, and you never got very far into the game in the first place, you might find yourself inundated with things to do. And if you’ve come into the game to play with friends who have been solidly playing for some years, you’re going to find yourself with miles and miles of plot and content to cover before you can catch up with your friends. And sure, you can run the old content with them as you get to it, but like as not they’re going to want to be doing all the cool new stuff whilst you grind your way through plot and levels.

But the dev team listened when we told them this might be a problem and now there 328d8bb85f61e34a5826fc2ef8dd9a0456d216a5
are two types of potions you can buy that will help you not feel left behind. The first one is the plot jump potion, that will either take you to the end of A Realm Reborn (and unlock all relevant content for you up to the beginning of Heavensward—not including the 24-men raids, though more on this later), the other to the end of Heavensward (and again it unlocks all dungeons and trials relevant all the way to the beginning of Stormblood). The second type of potion is a level jump for one class to take it all the way to 60, which is the starting level for the new expansion. Only one per character is allowed so pick your class well, adventurer, because depending what level you’re starting from, finding yourself at 60 can offer quite the learning curve.

But the sheer amount of skills you’ll find yourself with isn’t the only learning curve. FFXIV is an MMO and as such is full of unlockable content, optional quests, and a ton of potentially confusing menus. So, without further ado, let’s go through the basics of what you need to do once you find yourself at 60 and facing Stormblood. For the sake of this guide I’m going to assume most people are beginners at the game, so I imagine players already familiar with the system will be able to skip straight to part 2!


Dyeing icon

Okay, so one very early quest everyone gets to do allows you to unlock dyeing your gear. When you jump potion yourself through the plot, the game will unlock it for you. You can dye a lot of the gear you get in the game, even some dungeon gear. To know whether you can dye something, look out for the small circle on the top right of the item’s icon. Once you select to dye the item—press square for PS4, right click for PC—you will be taken to the dye menu which allows you to cycle through all the different available colours. Some colours can be purchased cheaply from relevant merchants (one in each major city, as well as the Junkmonger housing merchant if you or your FC owns a house), others canAvenaux Dzemael 20/11/2017 21:29:29 only be made by crafters and finally some can only be purchased from relevant beast tribes from ARR (some dyes will also drop as dungeon loot). Either way you will find them all on the Marketboard under the dye sub menu, but be warned that some of the rarer dyes (the ones in the last tab) can sell for quite a lot as they can only be acquired through retainer venture RNG or by buying them on the Mog Station (though those are untradeable).


Avenaux Dzemael 20/11/2017 21:28:39But sometimes dyeing your gear won’t be enough to give you the look you want, and FFXIV comes packaged with a glamour system. This isn’t unlocked by the jump potion so you’ll have to go find the quest yourself.  The quest is A Self Improving Man and is given to you by Wiscard in Mor Dhona (x22.1, y6.7). It’s a really quick quest you can now undertake at level 15 (used to be 50) and will allow you to look as fabulous as you want whilst you go adventuring! You can glamour literally every piece of gear in the game, as long as it’s lower a lower level (or ilvl) than your current gear. Getting into the menu is pretty much like dyeing, only chose glamour and scroll down the list to find the piece of gear you want to show. The only other thing you’ll need for glamouring is glamour prism (with different types to deal with different bits of gear—weaver, leatherworker, ect…) which you can buy from the marketboard or crafters can make from level 15 (at least I’m pretty sure it’s level 15 now!).

There are a few other things in the character gear menu you might want to know what

Avenaux Dzemael 20/11/2017 21:28:46

they do, so please refer to the picture that I have annotated! I will also add an annotated picture of the menu that comes up when you chose to Try On gear as there are a couple of new additions that might be easy to miss the first time around! The first, and most important one in my opinion, being that you can now save a set (i.e what you are currently trying on) to be able to try it on with other items. Definitely very handy when trying to figure out what glamour to put together!

Avenaux Dzemael 20/11/2017 21:29:51



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