Fairy Loot Unboxing: May (High Fantasy)

02 (2)What is Fairy Loot, you ask? Well Fairy Loot is a subscription box that focusses on YA fantasy. It literally does not get better for me as it is the primary genre I read (I mean I read most genre of YA SFF but fantasy is and will forever be my first love!). You can find their website here if after reading this you end up interested in signing up!

Okay so today (hoping this post goes up on time) mine and my brother’s June box is being dispatched. So I thought it was more than about time I actually posted the May unboxing… (You can find my brother’s unboxing here).

I don’t actually remember how we first found out about Fairy Loot but twitter is probably to blame (thank?) for this discovery. I had seen all sorts of loot boxes going around before but none were quite right. Nerd ones usually focus on things I have no interest in (I don’t get the Doctor Who hype) and ignore the stuff I am actually into. So that’s a thing and that’s why generally I leave those things alone. But Fairy Loot seemed, well, tailored for me and my parabatai of a brother.

YA fantasy and, which was the cinching part, we got a new book each month. With potential of getting ARCs. So we decided we 05 (2)would give it a go, despite the slight fear that we would find ourselves bombarded with dainty, flowery things, more aimed at the female demographic than at us. But it was a risk we were willing to take (and hey, I’m always up for amending a piece of jewellery to look more what I like!)

The receiving of the May box comes with the funny story that the postman arrived just as I was stepping out of the shower, and yes, I ran to answer the door in nothing but a towel because I knew it had to be my Fairy Loot box and I couldn’t bear the thought of having to wait a whole bloody day to come claim it at the post office if they insisted in not leaving it outside my door. So yes, that was a thing. My brother laughed a lot…

Anyway, I digress.

We all but ripped into the box (accidentally, mind you, we very much so wanted to keep it intact) and went digging through all the purple padding! There was literally nothing we didn’t like in it. The dragon bracelet might be a bit dainty for my brother (and too small for me, whoops) but some leather cord weaved into it will fix the problem. And I have a ridiculous fondness for cute stuff so the—very useful—tiny mirror was definitely welcome!

01 (2)Okay, onto the unboxing, here is what we got in this one:

  • The book: Ruined by Amy Tintera. It was an ARC in the UK when we received it so that was very exciting! Not gotten around to reading it yet because busy busy busy but it is very high on my TBR. It came with a bookmark and a lovely postcard with art for the book.
  • A lovely letter from the writer, all hand written and shit and that made me so so happy because she mentioned boys in it, and by that I mean she mentioned boys that don’t want to be the macho type and don’t mind being the princes who are saved, or ya know, any other type of non-macho boy. So yes, the letter does contribute to just how high on my TBR the book is!
  • The dragon bracelet I mentioned above, which was an exclusive from My Clockwork Castle.
  • The cute dragon mirror came from Melissa Nettleship and is totally my new best friend to apply goth eyeliner!
  • A random mini figurine from Game of Thrones. We got Brienne which is cool because when I was still trying to follow the show (I’m sorry I’m squeamish and I 03 (2) don’t find watching people get murdered entertaining so I gave up at like, season 3??), she was one of my favourite characters.
  • A fanart sticker of a happy chibi Krem from Dragon Age Inquisition which had to be one of my favourite things in the entire box! It was made by Sparks Crafts (and yes I have since ordered myself a Krem keyring from them and one to send to a friend~).
  • An abstract green and white poster of Legolas which is already up in our book nook!


So yes, overall it was a very successful acquisition and I am already dying for the June box (Classic Twist theme) and the July box (Pirates and Power theme iirc)! Definitely something that I will keep on subscribing to!

04 (2)

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