I’m a Patrick Rothfuss fanboy and this is why it’s fine by me!

There are some writers I love because of their work, and then there are those who are equally as awesome at being human beings as they are at being writers. Patrick Rothfuss is one of those guys: his first book The Name of the Wind, is /the/ book that reminded me why I wanted to write so badly when work and retail had nearly squashed my creative soul to a pulp. He made me want to write again and that is the greatest gift any book has ever given me. Yesterday I saw those kicking about on twitter and I couldn’t help but smile when I read them. Have a quick read and tell me he isn’t awesome, and that his kids aren’t in great hands?


Reading this kind of thing makes me so damned glad I love his work so much and that I’m one of his fans! Knowing that are people who understand where the issues come from, are so very aware of them and willing to start fighting against them makes me so very happy. But then, as far as I’m concerned, Patrick Rothfuss doesn’t write stories like anyone else: you just have to lose yourself in the pages of The Slow Regard of Silent Things (which I shall be reviewing at some point) to see that the magic isn’t only in his world, but also in his words. So I wanted to save the above pictures and what he said somewhere more stationary than twitter where people could come read his awesome words!

Also, for those who are into metal (and for those who aren’t, but might be, and who like his book) here’s a song that a band I have been following for years (Nightwish) has written, inspired by his work. This song is so right for what it is about, both of the male and female voices absolutely perfect and, man, it didn’t half give me goose pimples when I first listened to it.

There are no words for how much I cannot wait for The Stone Door to be released XD


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