The Copper Promise – Jen Williams

Here’s another review that has been written for ages and just been sitting by the wayside because I was so scattered and unsettled and not doing much ^^;;. I feel particularly bad about this one because this book is one of my favourite books of all time! Anyway, without further ado, here is the review I wrote for The Copper Promise by Jen Williams!


18667112This book. Just, this book.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a fantasy novel that has been so…so…perfect. The Copper Promise pretty much had everything I could want from a fantasy novel (and whole lot extra too!). I remember thinking that the back of the book made the plot sound like some kind of D&D campaign, and I, foolishly, never got quite as excited for it as my brother did. Well I eat my lack of excitement and really wish I had read this book sooner.

The only advantage to not having done is that I don’t have to wait as long for the sequel! (which I need in my face, NOW!) (EDIT: The sequel is actually out now, it just wasn’t when I wrote this and I really can’t wait to actually read it!!)

So what makes The Copper Promise so good? Everything. Literally, everything. From flawlessly written, well developed characters, to a wonderfully crafted world, villainous villains, and enough adventure to keep you turning the page long after the last time you thought ‘Just one more page’.  Williams isn’t afraid to add a healthy amount of cheesiness to it all, but it’s only the good cheese, the one that makes you want to cheer and shake the book at the sheer coolness of it all.

The story follows Frith (a young noble who has just lost his family and had to run from his home to survive), Wydryn, also known as the Copper Cat, daughter of a pirate and a sell-sword and adventurer and Sebastian, the tall stoic knight that is also Wydryn’s partner and friend. Frith starts the book all stuck up and used to having his own way, causing Wydryn to constantly tease him and do her best to wind him up (which isn’t exactly difficult!). Wydryn is like a ten year old boy with a crush with Frith and watching them interact never gets old. The relationship is so well crafted, so real and vivid that you’ll be hard pressed to not find yourself shipping the pair of them together!

Sebastian is a knight, sent away from his order for reasons that will probably make you want to throttle his superiors. Quiet, calm, and terrifyingly efficient with a sword, Sebastian is the cool-headed one of the duo that him and Wydryn make. Loyal and honourable, Sebastian will do anything for his friends, fight, risk his life, take on armies by himself, and other things he never thought he would do.

I don’t want to spoil ANY of the book by revealing anything else. The Copper Promise is just too good for that, with wonderful twists and turns and a hell of a lot of growing done from all characters. Williams knows how to make her characters both flawed and strong, unbearably stubborn and loveable, and it’s hard to not fall in love with the trio of adventurers as they set off on a quest to save the realms.

I’ve not read such fun and deep fantasy in a very long time, and the book is so packed with adventure that the relentless pace it sets sweeps you away effortlessly. The few moments of calm are as welcome by the protagonists as the reader!

The only problem about this book is that it’s so good it’s hard for the review to not be gushing garble and keyboard mashes. All I can do is advise anyone who loves fantasy to go and pick a copy now, because if you haven’t read it already, you’re missing on one of the best adventures you’re ever going to have.

Fun, deep, and passionate, The Copper Promise is one book that will draw you right in from the first page. And no, it doesn’t let go at the end, you’ll just end up craving the sequel (trust me, it’s how I feel!).



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